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A Hard Drive


Keeping Your Data Safe & Rescuing Lost Data

Back-up & Disaster Recovery: Projects
NAS Redundancy Solution


Although you may be backed up, do you have the right in-built redundancy so that you can keep trading through equipment or power failure?


We can help you build robust systematic redundancy for your IT systems so that you can keep running until a solution can be found.


When the worst has happened, and your data has gone, we can help.


We can work to get your data back - it's not easy, quick or guaranteed (which is why back-up and redundancy is vital).


However, whether you have suffered from hacking, component failure or simply software not doing what you anticipated, we can help you to recover your data. 

The Inside of a Hard Disk


Data loss happens when your components fail, when you're hacked or when mistakes are made. 

We can help you avoid this with the right solutions for your back-up strategy, to protect your valuable data.


Whether it is your precious photos of grandchildren, or your sensitive business data, we can help you keep your data secure.

"Great disaster recovery service from Rob at Frapa this week. My portable drive had corrupted but Rob fixed within the day, saving me a lot of time,  worry and expense and even delivered it back for me.  Five stars!"  Simon, Limalonges

An external Hard Drive Back-Up
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