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We are experts on Windows, MacOS & OS X, Linux, Software, Hardware & Cyber Security

PCs & Macs: Projects


Is there a problem with your computer?

With our expert diagnosis, we are here to help.

We can resolve issues and errors, remove viruses, update or upgrade software and replace failing hardware.

We can get your IT working again, possibly even better than it was before!

"My iMac suddenly started to have internet problems. I emailed my problem (using my iPhone) on Sunday and was surprised to receive a reply within an hour. I then received a phone call follow up from Rob Roy at Frapa who, after discussing my problem in more detail, agreed to visit my home the next day.

Within minutes of accessing my iMac, Rob was able to diagnose the issues and within an hour or so, not only were my problems solved but the changes made to my operating system meant that my computer is now operating faster than it has in years!

Furthermore, knowing that Frapa are local means that I can have peace of mind should I have any more IT problems in the future."

Mike,  Sauzé-Vaussais

Fixing a Laptop
Lots of Data to Store


Today, we all store more data than ever - from personal photos, videos and our favourite music to sensitive information such as financial, legal and medical details.

We can help you to manage your data so that it's secure, stable, protected against loss and properly backed-up.

We can also provide you with additional data storage options, including hardware and cloud options.

Get in touch today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Chipset chip with thermal paste.jpg


Whatever your computer system, your hardware and software needs to be up to date, so that it's stable, secure and fully functional.

We can use our expertise to help you:

  • Update and streamline your Windows, Mac OS, OS X or Linux operating systems

  • Upgrade your hardware

  • Provide the best software, fully configured for your needs

  • Streamline your system to work at its best for you

  • Build and provide new, fully optimised, laptops and workstations


Does your wi-fi keep failing you, or your wired network struggle to cope? We can help you.


We can trouble shoot and optimise your wi-fi or wired networks, maximising the coverage and speed for your needs and circumstances.

We can also help to keep your networks secure, robust and protected from online attacks, or user indiscretion.

A Network Switch
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